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The Salisbury Community Park & Athletic Complex

More than ten years ago, the process to develop a massive public park and athletic complex began in response to a request by residents of the City of Salisbury for more athletic facilities and park space. From that creative vision, the Salisbury Community Park and Athletic Complex was born. A lot has changed in the park since its early years. 

If you visited the Salisbury Community Park and Athletic Complex this year, you likely witnessed several events highlighting the grandeur of this spectacular 300+ acre facility. 

Odds are you watched girls fast pitch softball or little league baseball on one of five baseball/softball fields during regional tournament play. If you made it to the park on the right day, you caught a glimpse of the record breaking numbers of Cyclo-Cross bicycle racers from all over the country competing in an obstacle course of racing in late October. Catching a soccer game or the likes of a single soul kicking a ball around on one of our four regulation soccer fields would have been easy to catch just about any day of the year. If your timing was just right you even caught little Stephen wrestling a fish, dangling from the end of his fishing pole during the annual Fishing Derby in June. 

Although the initial passage of a $3 million bond package early on successfully started the development of the Salisbury Community Park and Athletic Complex, additional funds are needed to nurture the facility to its full potential. Additional features can only be added through the generosity of foundations, corporate donations, grants and gifts.

The Salisbury Parks and Recreation Foundation Board, invites you to be a part of this rewarding effort by becoming a Friend of the Park. Your tax-deductible monetary, in-kind or stock donations will help to ensure that generations to come will be able to enjoy the benefits of the growing and expanding Salisbury Community Park and Athletic Complex, that started as a mere vision more than ten years ago.

We thank you for your consideration and generosity in sharing the gift of recreation with your neighbors in Salisbury.

Become a Friend of the Park!

Salisbury Parks and Recreation Foundation Board invites you to become a Friend of the Park today! Help support additions and enhancements to the Salisbury Community Park and Athletic Complex. Your donations can assist growth in the following ways:

Up to $149:
- Will help provide for a beautiful shrubbery or tree installation
- Will assist in purchasing and planting wildflowers for various areas within the park
- Will purchase dog walking stations for use throughout the park
$150 to $1000:
- Will purchase a bench or picnic table in designated areas
- Will install water fountains or trash receptacles in heavily used areas throughout the park

$1,001 to $10,000
- Will aid in the development of a disc golf course
- Will help expand walking trails throughout the park
- Will assist in establishing wooded bike trail
- Will help build baseball/softball field team benches or dugouts
$10,001 and Up:
- Will help develop a covered picnic shelter 
- Will help construct “Chipper’s Playground”— a large ADA compliant play structure
- Will assist in the purchase of lighting equipment for baseball/softball fields


What Happens To The Money I Donate?

Friend of the Park program is a component of the Salisbury Parks and Recreation Foundation, Inc., a non-profit tax exempt organization. All donations are guaranteed 100% to be spent on this project. Your donations may be tax
deductible as well.  

We're good stewards of your support and donations.

All fundraising for the park is handled through the Salisbury Parks & Recreation Foundation Board, an extension of the City of Salisbury Parks and Recreation Department.  A formal acknowledgement of each gift is mailed to the donor and the gift is listed in the permanent donation book. When gifts are made as memorials, a card can be sent to members of the family of the deceased to inform them of the donation. When applicable, a plaque will be placed at the facility sponsored by the gift. 

Spring and Summer Brochure

Click the link above and enjoy viewing our Program Brochure for exciting opportunities being offered throughout the city.


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